Lollipop Lounge – Memoirs Of A Rock And Roll Refugee By Genya Ravan

Lollipop Lounge

CBGB and OMFUG (Country, Bluegrass, Blue and Other Music For Gormandizers), punk rock and Genya Ravan fans don’t need any reviews to read this book. Although autobiographies are usually biased accounts of one’s life and I always prefer to read biographies, no one could have written this book better than Genya Ravan herself. It is the most unbiased autobiography I have ever read and Genya Ravan has successfully accounted for it all-the good, the bad and even the ugly. Genya Ravan has been an important part of the history of CBGB, a music club founded by Hilly Kristal in 1973.

Genya, an influential vocalist and a rock and roll icon is not bothered by what people would think after reading her book. She has boldly accounted for her successes as well as shortcomings. Her true fans and music lovers will love her even more after reading what hurdles she crossed and how much struggle was involved to form and be a part of the first women rock band, be the first woman music producer and to fight cancer.


4 thoughts on “Lollipop Lounge – Memoirs Of A Rock And Roll Refugee By Genya Ravan

  1. She also kicked ass producing the first Dead Boys album Young Loud and Snotty, and SHOULD have done We Have Come For Your Children; as a former Dead Girl, I can’t wait to read her book, thanks for the info! 😉

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