Fountainhead By Ayn Rand


A masterpiece, nothing else is required to be said about this magnificent work which incites unusual thoughts and feelings that lift you out of your mundane routines and lives. The concept of the creator and the second hander is something out of this world. Once I read it I also began using it for evaluation purposes of mankind, though do not know if it was good or not.

This is the story of Howard Roark, a young architect who struggles not to compromise his artistic and personal vision, and his complex relationships with different individuals helping or hindering his work. The various complexities of relationships, ambition, vision, struggle and competition make it a romantic drama as well as a philosophical work. A true manifestation of the defeat of Collectivism over Individualism.

Strong characters make you appreciate them for what they are and it gets difficult to completely love or hate them. An almost 700 pages read was definitely worth it.


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