True Believer By Nicholas Sparks



Romantic fiction fans do not need a review to read Nicholas Sparks but True Believer is quite unlike The Notebook. I found it more romantic as it makes you want to fall in love or fall in love again.

Jeremy Marsh is an expert on discrediting the supernatural in his regular column in Scientific American, in short he is a sceptic. He is from New York and after his first appearance on national television, receives a letter from Boone Creek, North Carolina, about certain ghostly events in a cemetery. There he meets Lexie Darnell, an orphan who runs the town’s library and falls in love with her. According to Lexie, her future is in Boone Creek amidst the people she loves and though hesitant she is attracted to Jeremy but is afraid to admit. Jeremy Marsh ultimately makes a difficult choice between returning to the life he knows and doing something he’s never even attempted in his dream-take a leap of faith.

Taking chances and following your heart, that is what True Believer is all about.


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