My Temporary Son By Timeri N. Murari


A heart-wrenching memoir. Many people will find themselves teary-eyed  throughout the book, I myself could not help crying.

My Temporary Son narrates the story of an aged couple Tim & Maureen in Chennai, India, who temporarily shelter a sick and fragile orphan kid, named Bhima, undergoing a series of life-threatening surgeries in order to survive because he was born with his bladder outside the abdomen. Bhima was abandoned by his natural parents in an orphanage soon after his birth. The couple had played host to other orphaned children who moved on to adoptive parents abroad but Bhima was different as he brought much more to their lives taking complete possession of their hearts. Tim finds himself learning to be a father though he has never been comfortable with children. However, Tim and Maureen have to confront reality when Bhima’s adoptive parents arrive.

My Temporary Son shows the reality of the convoluted adoption process in India, the emotional turmoil attached to it, the terrible state of the orphaned children, indifference of the officials and of the public. An absolutely moving, simple and viciously honest account of emotions.


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