Shantaram By Gregory David Roberts


In the early 1980s, Gregory David Roberts, sentenced to a 19-year imprisonment for a series of armed robberies in Australia, escaped from Victoria’s Pentridge Prison and became one of Australia’s most wanted men for the next ten years. Shantaram is a novel influenced by the real events that follow his escape.

The book describes how the main character Lin lands in Bombay (now Mumbai), falls in love, befriends local artists and actors, and is recruited by the Mumbai underworld for various criminal operations. Ultimately, he spends time in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Prison and endures brutal physical and mental abuse. Lin eventually gets released with the help of the Afghan mafia don and begins to work for him. When the don is killed, Lin comes to the bitter realization that he has turned into a person he loathed and decides to build an honest life.

This debut novel is a must read. People who live or have ever lived in Mumbai will be able to relate to it a lot. Once you begin to read it, the ever so daunting 900+ pages will not bother you at all.


The Girl In Blue By P. G .Wodehouse



Your bones will always be tickled reading P. G. Wodehouse. I read his first book in school and after that I never stopped. You can always look for a comic break in one of his books.

The characters in this story are an American corporate lawyer and his kleptomaniac sister, a solicitor, a fortune-hunter, a butler, Jerry West and the air hostess Jane Hunnicutt. The plot involves a Gainsborough miniature called “The Girl In Blue” and is set in a country house. Jane becoming a millionaire, Jerry’s attempts at wooing her and ultimately succeeding after a series of comic trials, mayhem, misunderstanding, hilarity, confusion, laughter and much more are all a part of this bundle.

Nothing is as it appears to be in this entertaining and humourous book.

Dead Famous Scientists And Their Mind-blowing Experiments By Dr. Mike Goldsmith


This is a fun read with all its trivia, explanations and cartoons about some of the famous scientists who are now dead.

About nine dead and famous scientists who, after reading this book, you will find were full of surprises. Contains inside stories from their personal notebooks, news reports, their mind blowing experiments and how those experiments changed the world. It gives an insight about how life was when they were around. Some of those famous scientists mentioned in the book are Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and others.

This is a kind of book that will be well-liked by adults as well as children. You learn about the interesting unknown facts about the dead famous scientists through humour and fun.