Memoirs Of A Geisha By Arthur Golden


A historical and debut novel by Arthur Golden about Nitta Sayuri, who tells the story of her life as a geisha.

This fictional story of Sayuri working as a geisha in Kyoto, Japan is set before and after World War II. Sayuri is one of Japan’s most celebrated geisha, who is both performer and courtesan, slave and goddess. The story follows Sayuri from her childhood in a fishing village, where at the age of nine she was sold to a representative of a geisha house in 1929. In the following years she works to pay back the price of her purchase, while being schooled in music and dance, learning to apply the geisha’s makeup, wearing elaborate kimono, and care for a coiffure, along with acquiring a magnanimous tutor and a venomous rival.

Memoirs of a Geisha is a unique, elaborate and triumphant work giving the readers an insight into the worlds of geishas by being a romantic, erotic, suspenseful and completely unforgettable work of fiction.



Maximum City By Suketu Mehta


A non-fiction detailed account of the life in Bombay, now Mumbai.

The author gives us an insider’s view of this magnificent city as he was born and lived his childhood here. His family left Mumbai for the US when he was young and he comes back with his experience of returning to the city as an adult, as well as a parent and resident. He accounts for his frustration with everyday day life in a developing nation, describes the slums, delves into the politics of modern Mumbai, the criminal Mumbai underworld, his meetings with murderous gangsters and prominent politicians, and a lot more giving the reader an entire picture of a city which does not have boundaries.

According to me a few aspects were exaggerated and a few were dealt with a tad lightly. Anyone who has ever been associated with Bombay at some point in their lives must read this book as they can easily picture in their minds what the author is talking about. Others too will find it interesting.